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About Finding Your Fit, Cultural Differences and a True Story

24h travel, 2 layovers. Bags missing. Work tomorrow. Yay!

It means we are in for an emergency shopping spree in Shanghai! Like we needed any excuses to go shopping, right!?

In the Mall, I was browsing the underwear racks, checking some pretty bra designs, but when I went to check the tags to see which size to try on, I realized I had no clue what sort of sizing this was! Completely different numbers, not to mention the letters… Help!

Enters: Helpful bra fitter to the rescue! As she knew no English, and I knew no Mandarin, we encountered the much dreaded language barrier… no problem! Expert bra fitter language is universal… or is it?

The lady pulled out her tape measure, and measured my under bust.  Until here we were on the same page. Then in a swift and confident gesture her cupped hand landed on my right boob.  That was unexpected. “Oh wow”, I said to myself, eyes wide open.

At that moment I really got a first hand feel of the cultural differences. Personal space is a huge one for me, after all I am a Finn! Check out the personal space required at the bus stops in Finland, and compare with some queues in China:

Back to the story: She skimmed the racks for what appeared to be my size, and with arms wisping in the air prompted me in the direction of the changing room. She came into the room with me and closed the curtain, and signaled me to get my top off. That was also unexpected. OK... Soooo… this is how it’s done here.

She was there to assist. Even in the getting dressed part. It was a strange feeling, a mix between getting my personal space trespassed and between a posh Titanic-era Kate Winslet being dressed by her maid.  But I went along with it. The sales lady adjusted the straps, and do you know that un-fancy gesture you might do to pull up your boobs?? Well yeah, she did that for me too. Very professionally. I was left blinking for a moment. What would life be without travel and new experiences, eh?

But to my surprise she did find the perfect fitting bras. They felt good and looked good. I bought 3.

When you are in the hands of an expert (literally), and the labels seem like they are in Chinese (sometimes literally) you trust them to find what will fit you best. Well fitting clothes (starting with underwear, and especially bras!) will immediately make you feel more confident and comfortable. Ladies, trust me when I say you will FEEL the difference, and you will love the confidence boost this will give you.

Which gets me to my final point: Who cares if the garment is an S, M, L or XXXL? That you usually “fit” into an M but not in all stores, and you feel put off by having to go for an L? Nobody except yourself sees the tags in your clothing. Nobody except you will judge. Use this trick: IMAGINE IT’S IN CHINESE. Just get the size that fits you BEST.  

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Sinzy - 15/04/2018

This was a fun piece to read on! I believe the same about feeling good in your size regardless what that is.

Sonja - 15/04/2018

I am glad you enjoyed it :)