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My name is Sonja and i am a Finnish fashion designer living in Barcelona for over 20 years. I was born in the south of Spain where I grew up in a house with a garden, a dog, a turtle and a pet rabbit. I hated going to school and aubergines. But what I loved most was flowers, reading, sewing, painting (even on my brother) and making all sorts of crafts and stuff. I cut, glued, taped or stapled anything I got my hands on. 

I believe I destroyed quite a few of my sister's soft toys in the attempt of hairdressing, too! I was a pretty nerdy (tap-dancing) kid and I started sewing on my mum's machine when I was 8. My mother secretly prayed I would not sew my fingers together... Below you have some pictures of me modeling my creations, please excuse the 90's fashions!

I worked in the corporate world for many years, designing many collections each year, as well as growing my career and managing the design team, meeting deadlines, goals, company targets, etc. and traveling the world in search of inspiration and meeting suppliers and factories. I moved on to becoming a freelance designer, continuing to work for companies who needed to get their collections designed, working mostly on sportswear, casual, swimwear, lingerie and corsets.

A desire of making something with my own hands started brewing a long time ago, it is something that I dearly missed in all these years of designing for other brands and not having any time for my crafting hobbies. So I started making some of my clothes again, and took up silk painting.

The idea of starting this accessory collection came after I made a bow tie for my cousin who was getting married. The feedback I received was great and I started getting requests and orders... That motivated me to take it a step further and that's why I'm here today! I wish to build a brand that goes back to the values of handmade, high quality, individualistic, artisanal slow fashion products, fleeing mass production, consumerism and uniformity.

All of my scarves and bow ties are unique and hand painted on 100% silk materials, painted with love and handcrafted with great care and attention to detail by me in my Barcelona workshop. Each one is a unique piece of myself! Silk painting is a wonderful way of expressing myself and both the silk and the paint come live in a very special way. I hope you enjoy my scarves and bow ties as much as I enjoy making them!


P.S. I must add that I am a declared rabbit lover, a Grease and Elvis fan, and I love heels but cannot stand them!
I also love chocolate-everything, paella, dancing and laughing!

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John Slump - 19/10/2016

An absolutely great blog Sonja! Thank you very much for sharing this most interesting background and how your business has evolved. Best wishes and good luck!

Marwa - 11/10/2016

Such an inspiring story! Your scarves look beautiful! Wishing you all the success :)