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Time to Re-style!

3 Steps to Re-Style!

Spring is here (although it was snowing in Barcelona while I was writing this) and you might be thinking that you need a style boost, a spring clean out, some new shoes or clothes, or all of it!

Feeling uninspired, frumpy, bored? Stuck wearing comfortable yoga pants? Feel like your personal style is BLAH? No time to check what you are throwing on in the morning? Don’t worry I’m here to help! Invest a little bit of time in these steps and you will be able to upgrade your STYLE and CONFIDENCE. No beach body or weight loss involved! Ha!

Here are the 3 steps:


Ok, so basically anything that doesn’t make you feel GREAT should go. This includes those expensive designer jeans that don’t fit anymore. This includes the stuff you haven’t worn in over a year, the stuff that doesn’t fit, that is falling apart and makes you feel CRAPPY. Donate it, sell it, give it a second life, whatever you prefer, but don’t keep it.

Marie-Kondo the hell out of your closet. You need to make space for the awesome new you! And to make sure you will not attempt to wear these it-makes-me-feel-crappy-but-I-don’t-have-anything-else-to-wear clothes. Clean out clothes, shoes, bags and accessories!

example of how to spice up a basic outfit


With what you have left, you should analyze if you have your WELL FITTING BASICS covered. You will need a pair of trousers, jeans, tops and cover ups. In basic colors. If not, maybe it’s time for shopping! Yay!

But how do I determine if the FIT is RIGHT? Check that the garment is not too tight or too loose, too short or too long, that there is no weird puckering or bulging. No pulling, gaping or unwanted see-through-ness either. The key is how you FEEL about what you are wearing. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, fat, frumpy, baggy, short, tight or whatever, it is not a good fit. Well fitting clothes work with our body, not against it. If you are unsure ask an honest friend!

*TIP: If you have trouble finding clothes that fit, get them altered. Many retailers offer this service. No more I’ll-fix-this-with-a-belt or cover-it-up-with-a-long-top solutions! Also, do some brand research and find the specific ones that make clothing for your body type. There are many brands catering to different needs, guaranteed you will feel the difference!

Here is a list of my own basics to help you define your own:

- pair of jeans, straight leg and curvy fit!

- pair of black pants

- black circle skirt

- black pencil skirt

- black top

- black blazer

- white top/shirt

- black and grey cardigan/sweater

- black leggings

- long tee

- black leather jacket

A lot of black, I know!

How to add some color and personal style to your casual outfit


Now you can look at the rest of garments and accessories. These will be more colorful, trend driven pieces. They will be the ones you will use to spice up your outfits. Statement pieces. When you put a look together, you will want to mix basics with these, in order to create a stylish and elegant combination and not go over the top. For example, a pair of trendier pants will match perfectly with a classic or clean top or blouse. If your top is colorful and trendy, pair it up with a pair of jeans or basic pants. Keep this balance and you will nail it!

If your personal style and contents of your wardrobe are anything like mine, you will have more timeless basic pieces than anything trendy in there. In this case the easiest way to spice up your style is by accessorizing. You can do this with colorful shoes and bags, statement jewellery or other accessories like belts and silk scarves.

Little luxuries like a silk scarf and beautiful jewellery can give a personal statement of style and color to your otherwise classic/basic outfit. You can add a touch of color in a very easy way and make many different outfits by accessorizing! Explore, try out different combinations, and dare to express your individuality through your outfits!

A versatile look you can dress up or down combining the right accessories

*TIP: And don’t forget GROOMING! Keeping up with skincare, getting a good haircut and mani/pedis will make you feel good about yourself, and a few updates to your beauty routines can be a real CONFIDENCE BOOST. You may notice you don't even feel the need for much makeup when you get the basics covered (I myself like to just add eyeliner and mascara). Then makeup can become a way to add personality and color to your look in the same way as with clothing accessories. Why not use a vibrant red lipstick to match your beautiful new shoes?!

The other advantage to regular grooming is that you are ready to go whenever with MINIMAL fuss! Just pick your basics, add that “spice”, and VOILÀ!

**PRO TIP: I usually recommend reviewing the contents of your closet and your style in the beginning of every season. This will help you with shopping for the right stuff, planning outfits, and staying on top of your game regarding your style!

Let me know in the comments what styling advice you would like to receive!

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